Your digital vaccination card

Verify it’s you with your government-issued ID and a profile photo to match. Upload your COVID vaccination card. Get your own COVID Proof. You’ll be ready to go if an employer, school, or business requires proof that you’ve been vaccinated.

A free service to help America build back fast.
Get my COVID Proof

How it works

1. Download Nametag

Nametag is a secure digital ID that lives on your phone and helps you verify and share your ID and vaccine card securely. Like two-factor authentication for your identity, it’s an extra layer of protection for your personal information. Learn more.

2. Prove it’s really you

Scan your government-issued ID and take a selfie. Both photos are analyzed to make sure they match. Your data is protected, stays in your control, and is not used or shared unless you specifically approve.

3. Prove you’re vaccinated

Snap a photo of your COVID vaccination card. The handwritten or typed vaccine information is interpreted using artificial intelligence (AI), and then matched to your government ID.

4. Show your COVID Proof anywhere

You’ll get a unique website link and digital card that you can share via email, text message, or on social media. Share it before you go to give others confidence, or show it on your phone at the moment when it matters.

Built by industry leaders at Nametag who are passionate about helping the community stay safe

COVID Proof is a free community offering to help businesses comply with state mandates and make returning to normal life more safe.


Ask for COVID Proof

  • Ask your customer

    Ask for COVID Proof at your business, school, or office.

    Request to see proof of vaccination on someone’s digital card in-person or request each customer's unique COVID Proof link before they arrive.

  • Ask your customer

    Receive proof of vaccination status.

    Confirm and record that your customers are vaccinated based on their pledge and an AI matching of their COVID vaccine card, ID, and a photo of their face.

  • Ask your customer

    Protect everyone’s privacy.

    Reduce your privacy and data compliance risk of storing personal information by having access to just the confirmation you need (and not the extra data you don't).

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How is this better than just showing someone my COVID vaccination card?

Sharing your COVID proof link means that your COVID vaccination card and your government-issued ID have been matched. Otherwise, you’d have to share copies of both pieces of personal information, and there is likely additional information like your birthdate, address, and more that you do not need to share with most people. Also, most companies don’t want all that information because they then need to follow various privacy regulations for the data they collect. This is a way to share just what’s needed, and nothing more.

How much does this cost?

It’s free. This service is sponsored by Nametag to help America build back fast.

Where can I get a customized COVID Proof site to safely re-open my business/school/organization?

If you have a large number of people whose COVID vaccination status you need to establish and you would prefer a customized version of COVID Proof for your organization, with your branding elements and access to aggregated data for reporting or integration into other business systems, please contact Nametag.

What do you do with my data?

All data collected follows the Nametag privacy practices, which means your data is not used or shared unless you approve it. After you sign up with Nametag, you’ll get a request from COVID Proof to share specific data about your legal name and vaccination details, and if you approve it, your proof page will be created and anyone who has that link can see the data displayed there.

How do I delete my COVID Proof card?

All Nametag data, including your COVID vaccination status, is always controlled by you.

To delete your COVID Proof vaccination card, follow these steps:

  • Open the Nametag app on your phone or tablet
  • Tap the three lines in the top left to open the menu and from there choose "My vault"
  • Click "Shared with others" then click "COVID Proof"; you'll see the information you've shared with COVID Proof.
  • Tap the "Revoke" button at the bottom of that screen and COVID Proof's access to your COVID vaccination status will be revoked and anyone visiting the website will no longer be able to see your COVID vaccination status.
You can always re-authorize COVID Proof to create a new COVID Proof card for you at

Help! I deleted my COVID Proof card and I want it back!

Don't panic! All is well. Simply go to and request a card; you'll be prompted to re-authorize COVID Proof to see some of your data and, if you approve, your COVID card will re-appear.

You can always see or get your COVID Proof card at

How do you guarantee accuracy of the COVID vaccination card?

We can’t guarantee it. COVID vaccination cards are not perfect, but they are clearly the best option society has during this pandemic. We apply the latest in machine vision and AI technology to match the vaccination card to your ID, but the vaccination card itself must be lawfully obtained. Many states have issued legal warnings about creating fraudulent vaccination cards, so please check with your local authorities if in doubt. As other sources of accurate vaccination status become available beyond the physical card, we look forward to making that available to further enhance your COVID Proof.

Is COVID Proof authorized by the government?

COVID Proof is developed by a group of passionate business leaders as a free community offering to help companies stay in business and to help the community stay safe.

What determines if my card is yellow or green?

Your immunity status determines the color of your COVID Proof digital card. The type of vaccine, the number of doses required, and the recommended number of days since your final vaccination are each factors that determine the status. As official guidance is issued, we’re implementing it into COVID Proof, in order to help you share accurate information.